Meet our September Invoice to Win Contest Winner!

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This September, we continued with our popular Invoice to Win contest — and now, you can meet our grand prize winner, Mike Castellani of Castellani Photography, based in Pennsylvania!

Mike has been interested in photography since he was in college. Looking to create an extra stream of income, Mike got together with a few coworkers, working to set up a real estate service. After running into a few complications, he decided he was better off following a lifelong passion, and Castellani Photography was born!

Currently building his portfolio, Mike is building his business through great word of mouth referrals. He’s also building his website,

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Mike first discovered Wave when he was working to set up his real estate service. He investigated quite a few options, and quickly realized that not only was Wave the only free option, but it also always came out on top when it came to what he was looking for. He loves that he can easily get paid through credit card, but what really won Mike over was the professional feel of the invoices he sends. After seeing companies that had too much of their branding, or formatting issues, he couldn’t wait to send his customers invoices through Wave!

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