Wave customer Wayne Ford was one of our lucky premium services winners in our February Invoice to Win contest!

After about ten years of producing celebrity oriented video content, Wayne found that he was no longer inspired by his subject matter. Working in an office just wasn't working for him any more, and he wanted to change things up!

That's when he decided to follow his passion, and make a change. A lover of architecture and interior design, Wayne launched Wayne Ford Films. Now, he creates cinematic videos, eye catching photos and modern websites for luxury real estate in the Los Angeles area.

Now, Wayne gets to set his own schedule — which means in addition to a career that inspires him, he also has time to spend on his passion projects.

In the busy Los Angeles real estate scene, time is a huge concern for real estate agents. That's why Wayne stands out from the competition by making it faster and easier for his customers to pay by credit card. His customers can pay right from his emailed invoices, and he can send those invoices from his iPhone while he's on location!

Wayne also loves how simple Wave's accounting features are — he connected his bank accounts, and now uses the reports in Wave to gain a clear picture of where his money is going, and what he needs to do to optimize his business.