On Thursday, March 3rd, we held a live webinar to show you how to make payroll pain-free for your Canadian small business in 2016. Missed it? No worries. Catch the recording here

"We've calculated that by using Wave to run payroll for Canadian employees, you'll save more than 50 hours of work each year. That's an entire week of work!" says webinar host Bob Hamilton, Payroll Customer Success manager. "It's amazing how much time and energy running payroll through a smart system can save business owners."

This webinar covered:

  • Payroll by Wave walkthrough
  • Highlights of tips to save time and headaches in running your payroll
  • Tax time
  • Year end
  • Vacation policies

Ready to save time with easy payrolls? Register for Payroll by Wave here.

Have questions about Payroll by Wave? Email Bob and the Payroll Success Team at support@wavepayroll.com.

*You may notice the recording is slightly different from the webinar yesterday. Due to some difficulties with the audio, Bob re-recorded the webinar so we could share as promised.