We made a bit of a splash today when we announced the closing of our seed investment round. The thing that gets me excited, though, is what investments like this allow us to do. Specifically, today I have the pleasure of officially welcoming two great new additions to the Wave team.

Scott Zandbergen Wave AccountingFirst off: Scott Zandbergen, our new Vice President of Product Marketing. Scott comes to us from Sage, where he was VP Product Management. Accountants and financial pros across North America will have had the pleasure of working with Scott already, and he'll be reaching out to you shortly. His primary role here at Wave will be the development of our network of accountants and bookkeepers.

Next, I introduce to you: Stephen Dixon, our new Vice President of Sales & Business Development. Anyone in the Canadian startup or technology scene will know Stephen from his time managing Business Development at Deloitte's Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice. At Wave, Stephen will be helping us put our innovative business model into practice, and making Wave even more valuable to our small business customers.

I'm super proud of the team we've built here at Wave HQ. In addition to the talent they bring, each person shares the passion and the vision that launched our company: The vision that there's a different way of doing things in this space; that we can strive for something more than a product that's only incrementally better than the alternatives.

So I extend a big thank-you to the Wave team that has gotten us this far, and a big welcome to Stephen and Scott, who add to our horsepower. I'm looking forward to the ongoing adventure.