Today, it's my pleasure to officially introduce the brand-new, totally awesome, comprehensive and easy to use Wave!

We've built tons of great new tools and features, and made it even easier to find what you want, when you want it. Here's just a taste of what you'll see in the new Wave:

One totally unified system

Trying to manage your finances by having multiple websites open at the same is bound to lead to mistakes, and remembering which password and email you used for each site is a pain.

At the new (replacing the old and, you have everything you need, all in one place. Whether you want to run payroll, gain insights into your investments, generate a balance sheet or invoice a customer, you can do it all with one login.

Invoicing & payments

We've made it easier to customize and edit invoices to fit you perfectly. Whether you want to customize the invoice title or the payment date, it's easy to make your invoices work the way you want them to.

You can now also create quotes or estimates, and convert them later on to invoices — a feature many of you told us you needed to run your business better. 

Accept credit cards!

One of our hottest new features: Your customers can pay the invoices you send by credit card, right in Wave! Your invoice status automatically updates, and you get paid faster. Organized books and faster payments. Way to be, you organizational superhero, you.


Managing your transactions is easier than ever

We've done a lot to ensure you're spending less time doing your books than ever before. With 30+ million transactions under our belt, we've built a smart auto-categorization engine that categorizes most of your transactions for you — all you have to do is verify that it did its work correctly. Not only that but it learns your preferences and saves you more and more work each time you log in. 

There are two other significant features you can now take advantage of without leaving the main Transactions screen: You can edit transactions right in-line, and you can easily attach vendor or customer information to transactions in the same environment.

Personal finance

You're not just a small business owner. You're a person, with personal bills to pay and a life to live. (And for a lot of our customers, there's just a thin line between personal and business finances, anyway. Sound familiar?)

That's why we completely reinvented Wave's personal finance tools. We've made budgeting absolutely painless: It's quick to get started, and your budgets update automatically as the month goes by. Wave can track your discount brokerage account, your individual stock holdings, assets like home or car, and debts like mortgage or loans — and then tell you your net worth

Here's a comprehensive list of features and improvements you'll see in the new Wave. 

Or take a tour with Wave's co-founder, Kirk, and check out what's new:


There's more to come!

We'll be doubling our pace of innovation in the new year, to bring you more great tools to help you run your business better. Like all the improvements we released today, everything we do starts with feedback from customers just like you, so thanks for that. We hope you'll love the new Wave as much as we do!