The goal of Invoice by Wave is to get you paid faster. We’ve made many improvements over the last 6 months to do just that and today we’ve got another improvement to share with you. This time, we’ve focused on how your customers view your invoices on their mobile devices.

More and more, people are checking email on the go and this is evident when we look at how invoices are viewed and paid online. More than 40% of all invoices that are viewed online are viewed on a mobile phone.

Invoice view stats

We know that viewing PDFs on a mobile phone isn’t easy because they are often too small and try to “fit” on the screen so we wanted to create a better mobile view of invoices to make it easier for your customers to view and pay their invoices. Here’s what we’ve improved:

New mobile read only view

We’re making sure that your customers can understand and pay your invoices as quickly as possible no matter how they see them so that you don’t have to wait to get money in your pocket.

To get paid up to 10 days faster, accept credit cards on your invoices.