In 2013, our customers around the world had a great year, and we’re proud of the part we’ve played in helping them do their thing better, faster, easier…

We released more than 1,100 improvements to Wave last year, from an app that lets you accept credit card payments on your iPhone, to little things like making a page of transactions load more quickly.

How many of these features are you already using?


What's new in Payments by Wave

Accept credit card payments on your invoices. Data shows that when your customers can pay you online via credit card, you get paid an average of 12 days faster. More >>

More Wave customers than ever can now add a “Pay by credit card” option to invoices. Payments by Wave is now available in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland and Australia: More >>

Spotlight: Get paid on your iPhone

Accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and more), right on your iPhone with Payments by Wave for iOS. The app also lets you record cash transactions and issue receipts, so you can take care of everything on the spot!

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What's new in Invoicing by Wave

Estimates & Receipts: Use Wave for the full invoicing cycle. Provide your customers with a professional estimate, and send receipts when the job is done. More >>

New invoice templates: Your invoices should always reflect your business, and look great wherever your customers view them! More >>

Improved mobile view: Since your customers check their email on mobile devices and tablets, we’ve made sure your invoices look awesome on any device. More >>

Reminders: Automatically remind your customers via email when an invoice is past due. More >>

Stronger branding for you: When you send an invoice via email, there’s less Wave branding on it, so your customers can get to the details faster. More >>

Save credit cards: Get paid even faster when working with repeat customers with the ability to save customer credit cards. More >>

Spotlight: Recurring invoices

Whether you invoice your customers at the beginning of the month, end of the month, or every second Tuesday, recurring invoicing works with your schedule to make sure you’re paid on time, every time.

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What's new in Payroll by Wave

Fully redesigned: We've made huge improvements for a better Payroll experience. More >>

Better looking pay stubs: Providing improved confidence for your employees. More >>

Improved reporting: We updated and redesigned the Wage and Tax report, it's really good looking. More >>

Spotlight: Run Payroll on your iPhone

Once you’ve configured your employee details in the web app, you can run your payroll remotely via the Payroll by Wave iPhone app.

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What's new in Accounting by Wave

Bulk categorization: Select multiple transactions and categorize them all at once. You can bulk delete using the same tool. More >>

Trial Balance report. Another report to help you and your accountant. More >>

Verify: Click the Verify check-mark to show that a transaction no longer needs attention. You’ll know that anything not verified is still on your To Do list. More >>

Receipt scanning: Upload images or PDFs of receipts into Wave, and convert them to transactions. The image will live as an attachment for future reference. More >>

Mobile receipt scanning: Use the iPhone or Android apps to scan receipts on the go. With the Android app you can also upload from Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive. More >>

Transaction-to-Invoice-Payment: Indicate that a deposit into your bank is a payment for an invoice already in Wave. More >>

More info on your Transactions screen. Journal Transactions and transfers between accounts now appear alongside other transactions. More >>

Spotlight: Bank reconciliation

Wave has reinvented bank reconciliation, to be easier and take less of your time. See how easy it is to make bank rec part of your workflow. 

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More new stuff

Wave Labs: Opt in to use new features before we release them to the full Wave community. More >>

Archive a business: Want a fresh start in your Wave account? Archive businesses you no longer need to clean up your workspace. More >>

Wave University: Step-by-step instructions on getting started with different Wave products. More >>

Year-end Survival Kit: An easy series of tasks to get your books cleaned up for year-end. More >>

Spotlight: Premium Services

Professional one-on-one advice from accounting professionals, plus personalized Wave support, when you need it.

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