We've been rolling out a lot of enhancements to Wave's invoicing tools lately, like drag-and-drop invoice editing, address auto-completion, and new invoice templates. But this might be the feature we're most excited about:

Edit your invoice columns!

Maybe you send invoices that itemize Products, like 12 red velvet cupcakes, at $3 each:

Maybe instead of Products, you offer hourly Services, like "3 hours personal fitness training, @$75/hour":

Or maybe you just want to invoice for a whole job, like a $5,000 kitchen renovation:

Now, you can have it your way! Our new column editing functionality lets you:

  • rename the Items, Quantity, Price and Amount column titles
  • hide columns you don't want to show, while still having all the math and underlying accounting work out completely
  • edit these columns just for one invoice, or save your preferences for all your invoices.


Here's how you do it:

  1. When creating/editing any invoice, click the "Edit columns" tab.
  2. You'll be presented with the existing column labels. Change the labels to one of the offered selections, or customize it with your own text.
  3. If there are columns you don't want to present on your invoices, use the Hide columns option.
  4. Want all of your future invoices to have the same labels and columns? Select "Apply these settings for all future invoices."

You can also edit all these details from your Settings menu.

When you edit or create an invoice, you will still see the columns you've hidden. That's necessary, so that you can record important information, or do the calculations that contribute to your invoice totals. And as always, the details in your invoices get synchronized seamlessly with your accounting, whether you show it to your customers or not. 

While you're editing, the "eye" icon will show you which columns you've hidden from the finished invoice.

To see what your customer will see, just click the Preview button!

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