Today we launched the newest version of Wave's invoicing tools, part of our Next Wave series of improvements.

So, what's the big deal? Wasn't the old way pretty slick already?

Yes, but we saw a way to make it more powerful and more natural — a better fit for the way you work.

When you create your next invoice, you'll see how you can now do more without ever leaving the invoice screen — and more naturaly than ever before.

For starters, if you're making changes and want to see what your customer will see, you can easily preview your changes with just a click.


You can re-arrange the line items on your invoice with a simple drag-and-drop, to make your invoices perfect.

It's just... natural. You'll create perfect invoices in seconds, simply and intuitively. 

There are more features in today's launch, too, like faster, easier, more intuitive ways of adding a logo, editing business info, tweaking customer details, sales taxes and more.

We tested the new features with thousands of customers, refined them, and they're now available in your Wave account. Check them out and get paid faster and easier than ever.