New Invoice List Page

We took your feedback and have created a faster, more organized way for you to manage your list of invoices. The result: a list of invoices where you can do more, in a more efficient way.

It's available now when you login to Wave. Here's what's new:

It's faster

Moving between the list of invoices, and the pages where you create and view invoices, is now twice as fast as before so you can get more done in less time!

Inbox-style view

Invoice list tabs The list of invoices now has tabs, like your email inbox, and the default tab shows your unpaid invoices to keep you focused on the invoices that require your attention. There's a tab for your draft invoices and you can still see a full list of invoices under the "All Invoices" tab.

Recommended quick actions

Recommended quick actions
Wave now helps you manage your accounts receivables by giving you suggestions on what to do next to get your invoices paid faster. For example, if an invoice is overdue, the quick action will be to send a payment reminder to your customer so they can pay your invoice.

Instant snapshot

Invoice snapshot
Just hover your cursor over an invoice to get a summary of the invoice details. This is a handy — and fast — way to see what an invoice is about, without having to click through.

New insights

Invoice insights
You now have a better understanding of your overdue invoices, what’s coming due in the next 30 days and how quickly you are being paid so you can see how quickly your customers are paying you.

Customers who accept credit cards in North America can see their upcoming bank transfer, including date and amount, in order to better track their cashflow.

Improved filtering and sorting — and search, too

Invoice list filters
You can set a filter, switch tabs, and create or view an invoice. Your filters will be remembered when you come back to the invoice list so you can continue to work where you left off! We've even added search for invoice number so you can quickly search and find the invoice you are looking for without scouring though the list.

As always, we love to hear your feedback and we'll continue to improve the list page with the feedback we receive. You will see a feedback box in the app where you can leave your feedback. We're working on creating new visual insights to give you a better understanding of the health of your business. We're excited to share this with you soon!