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Introducing Ownr: a new service for business registrations in Canada

Wave is pleased to be working with Ownr to help Canadian entrepreneurs launch successful businesses.

Ownr offers Canadian business owners an easy path to register their businesses as sole proprietorships or corporations in minutes. In their own words, “the current path to starting a business is frustrating. More than that, the system to register or incorporate a business is overly complicated and painful.”

Not sure which option is right for you? Ownr also offers a quiz to help you determine the best fit for your business, as well as a blog with useful information to help you understand your options.

When your business registration is done, you can create your company logo using their artificial intelligence–powered logo generator, and use the Ownr Insights app to bring data from all kinds of services — including Wave, Facebook, MailChimp and more — into one place.

Business registrations start at $29 plus government fees; and Ownr offers you your money back when you open an RBC Business Banking Account within 60 days. (See Ownr’s terms and conditions for offer details.)

Visit for more information.

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By Rob Maurin
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