For some of you, resolution number one might be to start using Wave! If you're switching from another accounting software, you can check out this FAQ for step-by-step tips on how to switch to Wave. Once you're set up in Wave, here are some suggestions that will make it easier — and more profitable — to run your small business.
  • Link your bank accounts and credit cards with your Wave account! Linking bank accounts in January will ensure that you'll have a full year of data for the next tax period.  If you’re not comfortable linking your bank account, get in the habit of uploading your bank statements at the end of every month.
  • Make a habit of signing on to Wave once a month, minimum, to categorize your transactions.  In six months, you probably won’t remember whether that restaurant bill was a business dinner or an expense incurred during date-night, so categorize while it’s still fresh in your mind!
  • Set up your vendors, sales taxes, and customers right away.  A little bit of work up front will save you lots of time down the road, and you'll ensure your records are complete come tax time next year.
  • Go check out the Business Savings Page. There are tons of great offers, designed specifically for small businesses! What tools could your small business use for the New Year?