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Freelancing: the dream vs. the reality

Dreaming of life as a freelancer working a few hours a day from a remote beach in Bali? It’s not impossible, but you’ll also need a lot of hard work, sacrifice and grit to get you there.

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10 examples of women killing it as moms/entrepreneurs

Running a business is never a 9-5 gig—and neither is being a parent. This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating some amazing “mompreneurs” who are killing it in business, and at home.

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DON’T EAT THAT: six times being a mompreneur went horribly wrong

Mompreneurs. The women who somehow manage to find time to run a business while concurrently raising tiny humans. In honour of Mother’s Day, we got six entrepreneurial mothers to tell us about times when trying to run a business while mom’ing went horribly wrong (in the cutest ways imaginable).

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Make a profit every year with the Profit First Formula

We recommend Mike Michalowicz’s book Profit First for a formula that delivers sustainable small business growth. Find out what it is and how to implement it in your own business with these tips from Wave’s in-house accountant, Abbas Ali.

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Introducing Ownr: a new service for business registrations in Canada

Registering a business can be frustrating and complicated, deterring entrepreneurs from making the leap. Wave is pleased to announce it is working with Ownr to make the process easier and more enjoyable for Canadian entrepreneurs.

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Call a stranger part two: calls that get returned

This month we’re exploring how to use the phone as an effective tool to grow your business. In part two of our four-part series, Mary Jane Copps, owner of The Phone Lady, shares tips on how to leave a message that will actually get returned.

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How to avoid small business payment scams

There’s an elephant in the room. Small businesses all over the world are getting scammed. It’s a Catch 22: people are too embarrassed that they got taken in by a scam to tell their stories; yet, the only way to spare others from becoming victims is to build awareness. But here’s the thing: scams targeting […]

Real talk: the truth about starting your own business

These days, everything we need to know is a click away. But business journals and statistics can’t always give you the real, honest advice you want (or need) to hear. These six entrepreneurs told us everything they wish someone had told them when they started their businesses.

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Wave partners with Microsoft to deliver new payment innovation

We’re passionate about getting you paid faster. We know that cash flow is a huge deal to small business owners, so when we see a way to reduce your time to payment, we jump on it. When Microsoft came to us with a cash-flow boosting idea, we stepped right up. And this week, at the […]