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Woman reading cash flow projection guide

How to create a cash flow projection (and why you should)

Creating a basic cash flow projection can help you plan your financials for the rest of 2019. After all, knowing whether next month will see a financial feast or famine can help you make better decisions about spending, saving, and investing in your business today.

Wave receives

Wave makes the 2019 list of Best Workplaces for Women

This is Wave’s second year to appear on this prestigious list of inclusive employers.

Employee training: Photo of woman directing a team of people

Employee training: 5 ways to turn staff into leaders

Employee training can help turn your staff members into star leaders. Here are a few ways to build a training and development program in your small business.

Andy Chiang and Gabe Tomescu

Wave Spotlight: Andy Chiang and Gabe Tomescu

Interested in working for Wave? Andy Chiang and Gabe Tomescu are hiring for multiple positions in design.

Fishing rod moving money from one jar to another

How to create a marketing budget for small businesses

How much should small businesses dedicate to marketing? Here’s how to break down a marketing budget.

Graphic of links

What are backlinks and how to build them the right way

Building links back to your website or blog is one of the pillars of a strong SEO strategy. Here’s how to get those backlinks the right way to boost your rankings.

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Michael Nicolaou

Wave Spotlight: Michael Nicolaou

Interested in working for Wave? Michael Nicolaou is hiring for multiple positions in finance.

Man holding cup with Outlaw Country Tattoo logo

Outlaw Country Tattoo: An inclusive shop for artists and customers alike

This Halifax tattoo shop grew from a kitchen table conversation between two friends. Here’s how they built an LGBTQ+-friendly shop from the ground up.

Freelancer tax tips

5 steps to help you prepare your freelance taxes for the first time

Filing your freelance taxes for the first time? Follow these steps to get yourself prepped and ready for your first filing.