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Free mail marketing services

Free email marketing: Low-cost tactics to get you started

We pulled together three of the best free email marketing services and templates, so you can get your email program started with no upfront cost.

Creating a business plan cover page

How to write your business plan cover page

Although a business plan cover page is concise, this simple section is one of the most important sections of your business plan.

Marketing ideas | money going through a converter to become social media activity

3 marketing ideas for small businesses with even smaller budgets

We’re laying out three of the best, creative marketing ideas with details on how you can add them to your marketing strategy for little to no monetary investment.

How to write a one page business plan

One page business plan: What to include and how to get started

A one page business plan offers a broader, more approachable overview of your business that can serve as a starting point for fine-tuning ideas and creating an in-depth business plan later on.

10 reasons you need a business plan

The importance of a business plan

Entrepreneurs use business plans to guide them when starting or revamping a venture. And here are more reasons to create your own roadmap.

Cash flow problems | Woman putting a coin in a piggybank

Cash flow problems: How much cash on hand does your business need?

When your cash flow dries up, a cash reserve could be enough to keep you in business. That’s why we’re walking you through the process of building a cash buffer.

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Cash flow analysis | Person swimming through cash bills

What to do when you have an abundance of cash flow

Small businesses often endure both famine and feasts when it comes to cash flow. And here’s what you need to do when you have extra cash on hand.

Cash flow statement | Man working with laptop and papers at cafe

Statement of cash flows: What is it and how to build one for your business

Most small business owners don’t know what goes into a Cash Flow Statement or how to read it. When 30% of small business failures can be traced back to cash flow struggles, that’s a big problem.

Introducing Instant Payouts

Wave and Visa partner up to provide instant payouts for small businesses

Wave and Visa are partnering up to give you instant access to the money you’ve earned.