Over here at Wave, we are always working on new ways to free up your time from the back-end tasks you don't really want to be working on, so you can focus on what doing what you love. You told us you love PayPal, and now we love PayPal too!

Introducing the brand new Wave and Paypal direct connect! We’ve made it easy to pull your Paypal transactions in to Wave. Just head over to Your Account in Wave and select the option to Connect your Paypal account. Do you get paid in multiple currencies? Not to worry, Wave will handle that too! We can pull transactions in any currency from Paypal in to your Wave account, easy peasy.

Wave will also show you how much you are spending in fees for each transaction, giving you a complete picture of your Paypal finances. Pretty nifty, huh?

Questions? You can check out this FAQ on How to Connect Wave to Paypal, or contact our Customer Support Heroes. There you have it! Just one more way Wave is working to make life a little easier for you.