You may have noticed that Payroll by Wave looks a bit nicer today, and that’s because we’ve made some further (good looking) improvements to the application. Our most recent changes were made as a result of some great customer feedback.

Pay stubs

We get a lot of questions from employers about pay stubs, and specifically how to generate individual PDFs for their employees. Until last week, we had an employee portal option, but no way for employers to generate individual PDFs for their own use. You can now export PDFs individually, making the process of tracking employee pay even easier! To generate single pay stub PDFs simply select the download button on the right side of the pay stub that you’d like to export to PDF.

Exporting data

The second change we made sounds less exciting, but I promise, it’s awesome.

Accountants have been asking us to make our data exports more detailed, so we did just that. Our .CSV payroll reports now contain more information on your payroll, so you (or your accountant) can get the right data, faster.

We'll continue to keep you updated with all of the exciting improvements coming for Payroll. If you have any feedback about these changes, please feel free to reach out to Sarah at!