Congrats to Gerry Anderson from Logicon Solutions, our Pro of the Week. Gerry has grown with Wave over the last year and has done great work for a fellow Toronto tech company. We are proud to recommend his top-notch services to those looking for an expert.

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Logicon Solutions uses Wave for its ability to completely automate the entry and categorization of transactions.  Here are Gerry's Wave-friendly tips to ensure your accounting is automated:

1.       Set up all your bank and credit card accounts with each financial institute at the same time.  You don’t want to disconnect and reconnect!

2.       For the first few weeks, make sure to ‘train Wave’ by going through your uncategorized transactions and categorizing them all

3.       For transactions older than 30 days, use the upload function Wave has built in, after you've trained the system.

4.       Once a month, do a quick reconciliation check by comparing Wave with your online balances.  This will ensure you can ‘wave’ your accounting headaches goodbye.