Congrats to Lisa Savage from Crafty Bookkeeping Solutions for standing out as Pro of the Week. She has tailored her services to help small business owners realize that they can grow their business by working with a bookkeeper. Especially if you're working with Etsy, Lisa's a great resource to leverage for support and financial advice. Thank you, Lisa! Wave appreciates you. 

A tip from Lisa: Start bookkeeping right away. Make a plan from the start to file receipts, or get them scanned into your computer. After a year of work, it won’t be so exhausting or frustrating to calculate how much money you’ve spent.

A tip from Wave: Try our free receipt scanning app that uses Optical Character Recognition to automatically read your receipts and feed them into our integrated, double-entry accounting application (also 100% free). You can use our IOS or Android (beta) Receipts app to snap a photo and have your receipts flow in to Wave's Accounting tool. You also have the option to scan in your receipt, or email it in to eliminate your manual data entry. Check out Receipts by Wave