Here are four words that I'm very happy to say:

Wave just got faster!

As part of our regular development process, we released Wave version 1.9 last night, and speed is the keyword.

  • On the Imported Transactions screen, it's now faster to load the page, categorize transactions, and navigate between pages of transactions.
  • In the Reports section, it also takes less time to generate reports based on the time period you specify.

We've been working on speed improvements for some time, and the progress in this release has made the biggest difference so far. We'll continue to work on even more speed improvements, along with other feature development, in upcoming releases.

Here's a full breakdown of the progress in release 1.9:

Browser support

  • We no longer support Internet Explorer version 7 (IE7). Users who access Wave using that browser will get a warning. We did this because of performance and security issues that occur with this browser. Users can still use IE7 if they wish, but future features may not work, and the support team will not be able to help them.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed the bug that allowed people to approve transactions even if they were not autocategorized.
  • Some customers were able to select a transaction on the Imported Transactions screen, only to have it "unselect" itself after a second. That's fixed now.
  • Still on the Imported Transaction screen, there was a bug that mis-counted the number of transactions in the system. That gave the impression that Wave was not showing all the transactions in your account. This no longer occurs.
  • On the Sales Tax Report, we made a small change: When calculating the gross amount of foreign transactions, they'll now be shown in the default currency.
  • There was a problem when a customer with multiple businesses would view transactions on the Personal side, and tried to switch to Business. That's also resolved.

Technical details on speed improvements:

  • On the imported transactions screen we now grab the transactions for the next page so that when the user presses "next" they do not have to wait for the transactions to be pulled from the database. (That gave us a significant speed increase.)
  • Deleting, archiving and categorizing multiple transactions are done in a batch function rather than one at a time in order to speed up that functionality. (More speed increases!)
  • We changed our Javascript to be more efficient for displaying tool tips; that had been causing a slow down when loading the page.

Other stuff:

  • We now display the user's email address on the My Account page.
  • We tweaked the email template to correct bracket size.
  • We changed our error messaging on invoices to provide better guidance if there is a user error.
  • On the business info screen (when registering or creating a business) the Business Type drop-down menu is now a two-step process, to improve browser compatibility and ease of use.

Geek stuff:

  • We did a bunch of Javascript and CSS compression, to improve the performance and load times of our pages.