I'm really excited to share our latest development news. We pushed another round of enhancements out today, and if you've already logged into your account you will definitely have noticed one big change:

Wow! We've really changed the Imported Transactions screen and process!

automated accounting for small businessesNow, we were pretty fond of our original Imported Transactions screen, I have to say. But to make various tools work better, and especially to make them touch-screen compatible, we began looking at alternatives.

I think what we have now is better than ever. Instead of drag-and-drop, it's select-and-click: i.e., highlight the transactions, and click the name of the category where you want to file them away. Watch the video (at the bottom of this post) for a short demo.

This new functionality means that you can manage your transactions on tablets like the iPad.

With this new approach in hand, we were able to launch other tools on this screen. The most noteworthy is bulk delete and bulk approve. Those of you who, in the past, had multiple auto-categorized transactions to approve, or lots of transactions that you want to delete, will appreciate this. Now you can do them all at once, making the process a whole lot faster and easier.

Another feature we're happy to introduce is how you view transactions on the screen. You can now view 20, 50, 100 or 150 transactions per page, and order them by date, description, amount or category. I find this especially useful when you connect an account for the very first time, or if you ever find yourself with a big backlog. Just sort by description, and you'll be able to handle all the transactions of the same kind at a glance. (The default view is 20 items per screen, ordered by date.)

If you're already making use of our transaction splitting tool, sales tax calculation tool, and transfer tool, you'll notice that there's a new way to get to those things now. When you highlight a transaction, a widget pops out of the left side, exposing these three options.

transaction widget for small business accounting

The Wave development team has also made improvements to the processes for transfers between accounts. Wave will be better able to detect transfers in the first place, and when Wave can't detect a transfer, it's easier now for you to mark a transfer manually.

And finally, among the under-the-hood changes that are harder to spot, we've improved the processes around handling problematic bank connections, with better detection on our end, and clearer error messages for you.

As always, thanks for the ongoing feedback and support from the awesome (and growing!) community of Wave users. Our next release promises to be just as full of cool stuff. More on that soon...

Video tour of the new Imported Transactions screen