While some of the Wave team has been out and about accepting awards (also here) and meeting you at trade shows, the developers have been focusing on building and improving the features in Wave. We've just released another set of improvements. Here's what you can now see in the application:

1. Personal Reports! When we first launched Wave, we didn't think our customers would want reports on their Personal finances, so we didn't incorporate them into the application. Less clutter, we figured, would be a good thing. We were wrong. Many customers have asked for Personal reports, and today we unveil the first of them. We're starting with 2 reports (and planning more for the future). The first, "Transactions by Category" lets you pick a financial category — let's say "Books, Music and DVDs" — and a time period, and see all the transactions that fit the bill. The next report, "Income vs. Expenses," lets you select a time period and compare the money that came in to the money that went out, showing totals for each category of income or expense. Both of these reports are interactive: You can click numbers or descriptions and get more detail on what they represent.

As I mentioned, this is the first set of Personal reports. We plan to release more, to help you understand your personal finances in greater detail.

2. More horsepower To meet our growing customer base, and the significant processing demands that our servers encounter in crunching numbers, we've added another server to our stable. More horsepower should mean faster page load times and less delay during peak hours. As with just about everything we do, we see this as an incremental process, and we'll be making more improvements whenever we can.

3. Other tweaks and fixes:

  • removed "down time" warnings that occasionally appeared in PDFs
  • fixed errors when exporting reports to PDF
  • implemented smoother process around some bank security questions
  • fixed timeouts and year-end dates with Dashboard charts
  • fixed filters on the Income screen
  • and a bunch of other tweaks and fixes
Thanks for your continued support!