Who do you know who needs a little Wave?

Last week we launched a special refer-a-friend promotion. Every Wave customer received a unique referral code via email.

Here's what you do with it:

Share your unique code with as many friends as you’d like.
Post your code on Facebook!
Share it on Twitter!
Email it to small business owners, freelancers, consultants and contractors in your address book.
The sky's the limit.

What you could win:

From now until the end of September:

  • For every 5 friends who sign up for Wave using your unique link, you’ll get a month of free Premium Plus support: That means immediate answers straight from Wave HQ via instant chat, right when you need it most. Not bad, huh?
  • Better still, each signup is also an entry into a draw for a full year of Premium Plus support. That’s a value of over $100!

  • You know what, let’s make that sweeter: If you're our lucky winner, we'll also give a full year of Premium Plus support to every friend you signed up!

We've already awarded a bunch of free Premium Plus support, and we've got more with your name on it.

Spread the word any way you want! Just remember to use your unique link — the one you received by email — so we can give you full credit.

Didn't get a code?

If you're not subscribed to our emails, you may not have received your code. If that's the case, fill in this form, and we'll send you a code ASAP.

See the full terms for this promotion here. And remember the deadline — September 30. Thanks, and good luck!