Resolutions for a successful small business

Resolutions are only worth talking about if they’re about something that matters. And there’s very little that matters as much to you and your family as the success of your business.

Like it or not, keeping a clear view of your business’s financial records is essential to your business’s success. Good accounting practices may not be as sexy as six-pack abs, but they sure do a better job of paying the mortgage. (Ab models out there: congratulations on paying the mortgage with your washboard stomach. Clearly this post isn’t for you.)

Every year millions of small businesses fail, and often it’s because of poor financial management. So why not make a resolution to finally take your financial records out of the shoebox and keep track of your income and expenses this year, so you can know what is going right or if anything is going wrong?

Last year’s resolution

Using accounting software used to be a horrible experience for most business owners. So Wave Accounting made a resolution last year to create the simplest accounting software anywhere. Our mission: to support business owners in their success by showing them, quickly and easily, where they stand at any time of the year. We envisioned an easy, “that makes sense” accounting system that doesn’t make you want to pull out your hair, or suck away time that you’d rather spend on other things. And we’re proud to say that we succeeded.

Our resolution for 2011

This year, our resolution is to add even more functionality, and make our free accounting software even easier for small businesses to use. If your 2011 resolution is to shed the extra 5 pounds or finally finish off that project around the house, good luck to you but you’re on your own. If, however, you resolve to have the best business year ever, Wave will be proud to help you get there, with no wasted time, and better results than ever.

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By James Lochrie

The information and tips we’re sharing in this article are meant to be a starting point for your year-end tax prep, so you can be informed and feel confident when working with your accountant. Be sure to check with a tax expert in your country or region for any specific advice you need, as each business (and tax district) is different. As our lawyers would say: “This article is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice.”