UPDATE: In June 2017, Wave launched a huge improvement to recurring invoicing: automatic payments.

Now you can send recurring invoices with total flexibility, and schedule automatic credit card billing for your repeat customers so you get paid faster, and more reliably, without lifting a finger. Read more on the blog or the website.

(Original post from 2013)

You asked for it, and we built it: Recurring invoicing is now available!

Owning a small business often means you need to send invoices on a repeating basis. With Wave’s new recurring invoicing tool, it’s never been easier to get paid. Our recurring invoicing service is super flexible, letting you decide whether invoices are e-mailed out automatically or stay in your account. 

Wave’s recurring invoicing feature works independently or along with Payments by Wave, to make your money collection process seamless and 100% secure. Log in to your Wave account at any time to add any updates, so your invoices are always up to date. 

Recurring invoicing isn’t the only new feature we’ve added. Now, you're able to set your invoices to display as either products or services sold, so your invoices always represent your business. You can also use our new estimate feature to send quotes or estimates to your customers, and then quickly and easily convert estimates into invoices whenever you’re ready. We’ve also made new fields customizable you can also update your invoices title or add an invoice tax number whenever you need, to make sure you're always compliant with local regulations.

If you invoice your customers at the beginning of the month, end of the month, or every second Tuesday, recurring invoicing works with your schedule to make sure you’re paid on time, every time. Whether your clients are next-door or across the country, recurring invoicing is here to help you get back to business.