We like to think Wave is proof that a small business can do something big. A year ago we were only 6 people; since then we've launched an awesome accounting app, signed up nearly 60,000 small business customers in 192 countries, and grown to a team of 21.

The down side? We're still small, and when you're a small business, you do all the dirty work, too. We've just moved offices (literally across the street). Witness the least glamorous part of our jobs.

Wave employees move furniture to the new office

Still, nothing worth doing was ever accomplished without getting your hands dirty, figuratively or otherwise. So whether it's the move, or developing new features and smoothing out the rough spots in your accounting and bookkeeping, we'll keep working hard for you, every day. Thanks for your ongoing support!

Our new address: Wave Accounting 235 Carlaw Avenue, Ste. 601 Toronto, ON M4M 3L1