We're constantly making improvements to Wave, and so we've decided to be a little more vocal and transparent about what we're up to.

With thanks to our stellar team of developers, designers and QA folks, here's a look at what we've done in our most recent release:

1. We've implemented an OpenID sign-in, supporting Google and Yahoo! That means: if you already have an account with Google or Yahoo! for their services, you can use that account to log into Wave. Then, if you're logged into Google or Yahoo! later on, you can get into Wave without fumbling for a password. Learn more about signing into your Wave account with Google or Yahoo credentials. The OpenID sign-in also lets Wave work with AppDirect. You'll hear more about that later.

2. The Product description (which you may have added when you created the Product) now appears automatically on your invoices. You can write over it or change it at your convenience.

3. Wave can usually tell automatically when 2 transactions are matched: say, when you've created an invoice, and later make a deposit that pays off that invoice. Now we've made it easier to manually match transactions. That comes in handy when the two halves of the match are separated by too much time, or if there's a split transaction involved.

4. Lots of goodies on Income and Expenses screens:

  • Navigation between pages is easier, thanks to a "jump to page" feature
  • We fixed a bug that put a blank lines on the PDF invoice
  • We fixed a bug that allowed for bad dates to be entered

5. On the Imported Transaction screen:

  • When you categorize something, the Success message now tells you whether you categorized it as Business or Personal
  • For Chrome users: long transaction descriptions used to cause problems with our forms. That's fixed now, too.

6. Foreign exchange reports now use the exchange rate on the date of the data you're reporting, not the date that the report was created.

7. On your Personal Dashboard:

  • We fixed the toggling between monthly/yearly view on the charts

8. When Wave is in the middle of updating bank data, our servers sometimes slow down. We've added an alert at the top of the screen to let you know when this happens -- that way you know it's not your connection or your computer, and can choose to come back in a bit. Of course, we're working toward no slow-downs at all…

9. Financial Institution accounts that are classified as 'Other Assets' are now marked as payment accounts by default.

As the dev team keeps on cranking out more features, improvements and enhancements, I'll be keeping you posted here.