5 ways to increase your client retention rate

This post by guest blogger Lucas Walker from Venngage appears as part of our seriesSmall Business 500.

We’re all consumers, and at one point or another we’ve switched loyalties, whether it is drinking a Pepsi when we used to drink Coke, or moving from a Blackberry to an iPhone. Whatever the scenario, odds are you felt better after deciding to switch your brand, but every story has two sides. For anyone that’s been on the losing side, increasing client retention is priority one.

For small businesses, there are few things worse than losing a customer. Not only does it represent lost revenue, but a lost relationship as well. Replacing lost business is a waste of resources, so it goes without saying that preventing lost business is one of the smartest things businesses can do. I created an infographic to illustrate five useful things small businesses can do to increase client retention, and keep their customers happy!

5 ways to increase your client retention rate


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