Here's the way we see things: Everyone likes saving money. So we love that we can provide Wave Accounting to you for free, and we have no intention of changing that.

We've also made it our mission to save you even more money by acting like your very own purchasing department. We track down great deals on products or services just for small businesses, and we make them available to you. You get a chance to save money, we get paid by the supplier, and Wave stays free! High fives all around.

And we're talking about high-quality offers, too, often from big brands like American Express, Dell, Micrsoft and Capital One (offers vary depending on where you live). You'll never see a flashing “Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days” ad in Wave. Ever. For starters, we like you just as you are, but more importantly, we'd never waste your time like that. We'll make sure the deals are for things that can help your business succeed, and put more money back in your pocket. We'll also make sure our deals never get in the way of you doing your accounting.

Starting this week, you may see some additional deals advertised in Wave. The "Your Week in Numbers" email you probably get from us each Monday will now contain a special deal each week. You can also opt in to receive the brand new Wave Deals email, which will feature extra-special and exclusive offers, no more than a couple of times per month. (Not sure if you've opted in already? You can control your email preferences on your Account page.) And as always, there are dozens of deals on your Business Savings page, with new ones added every week.

I'll also add that Wave never shares any information about individual customers with our advertisers. We might tell an advertiser, "We have 4,500 customers in the Portland area," but we make sure that nothing personally identifiable ever leaves our hands. Your identity is never revealed. Your email address is never shared. Your individual spending and earning are never divulged.

We think this all makes for a great business model: Wave makes money while our customers save money. I hope you agree!