(An update from Rob, Wave's VP of Community)

My apologies to any Bank of America customers who continue to be affected by the connection difficulties. The good news: The issue has been fixed for most customers now. Here's the whole story:

There are three pieces to the puzzle, that all need to work in order for the bank connections to work:

  1. Your bank's data must be available.
  2. Wave's secure bank data provider must be able to connect with your bank.
  3. Wave needs to be able to ingest the data from our data provider and make it available in a useful way to you. 

Originally, the problem came up in step #1: Changes were made at BofA that set things into motion. Because Bank of America is so huge, and has so many different variations to its online banking tools, that meant that the changes and problems happened many times over. This also explains why some Bank of America customers were unaffected while others are still waiting. 

Next, step #2 had to be addressed: Our secure data provider had to sort out the way it talked to BofA. The great news is that this is now essentially done. 

So we're into step #3 now -- the only step Wave can control directly. We've just deployed a fix that should resolve things for most of the remaining customers. You may see some new messaging on your dashboard, with a link to update your bank connection. Clicking that link will, we expect, put everything back on track. 

On behalf of our support and developer teams, who have been working hard with our partners to get things going again, I apologize for the delays. We know that these connections are essential to the way you manage your accounting and bookkeeping, and we'll continue to work hard, now and always, to minimize the problems even when they're out of our control. 

Thanks for your patience, 


- - - - - - -

April 23rd update

Bank of America customers may have noticed difficulties when importing transactions into Wave. This is due to scheduled updates to the Bank of America website.

Bank of America is rolling out new updates to their website, and they will intermittently be asking us to pause importing transactions as each update is rolled out.

We'll be providing you with updates on the BoA connection as they become available, both in the Wave application and on Twitter

Thank you for your patience, and our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.