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An Interview with Nancy Gaines

Systemization, outsourcing, and delegation: An interview with Nancy Gaines

Nancy Gaines, a Fortune 100 and small business advisor shares her advice for improving profitability and weeding out inefficiencies by using proven systems.

Great entrepreneurs from history: part two

We’ve got even more entrepreneur stories to inspire you on your path to greatness in part two of our series.

photo of Thomas Edison with lightbulbs in the background

Great entrepreneurs from history: part one

Looking for some inspiration to start your journey as an entrepreneur? These stories of the great entrepreneurs from history are sure to spark your creativity.

Titles of the four companies featured in the blog post, Patagonia, Power to Fly, The Ocean Cleanup, and Teach for America

Doing well by doing good: four stories of social entrepreneurs

Today’s consumers connect best with brands that have integrity. But that doesn’t mean a company can’t also be wildly successful. Here are four stories of businesses doing well by doing good.

photo of coffee table books at the Public General Store in Winnipeg

How classic rock and community are growing Public General Store’s brand

Olena and Erin had no idea that when they started their business, General Store, it would turn into a staple in their Winnipeg community. Building their brand didn’t come easy, but two years later, these entrepreneurs wake up everyday excited to go to work.

mom running a business while taking care of kids

10 examples of women killing it as moms/entrepreneurs

Running a business is never a 9-5 gig—and neither is being a parent. This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating some amazing “mompreneurs” who are killing it in business, and at home.

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DON’T EAT THAT: six times being a mompreneur went horribly wrong

Mompreneurs. The women who somehow manage to find time to run a business while concurrently raising tiny humans. In honour of Mother’s Day, we got six entrepreneurial mothers to tell us about times when trying to run a business while mom’ing went horribly wrong (in the cutest ways imaginable).

Real talk: the truth about starting your own business

These days, everything we need to know is a click away. But business journals and statistics can’t always give you the real, honest advice you want (or need) to hear. These six entrepreneurs told us everything they wish someone had told them when they started their businesses.

The word

Five business mistakes we made (so you don’t have to)

Success isn’t possible without making some mistakes. Five small business owners share the mistakes they made early on when launching their businesses, and tips for how you can avoid making the same ones.