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March #goals part 3: Finding clients with AdWords – Landing pages

In part 3 of our March #goals series, learn how to build a great landing page that will help turn those leads from your AdWords campaigns into real customers.

How to (actually) get paid for your work

One of the toughest challenges freelancers and service-based businesses face is getting paid on time—or even at all. Guest contributor Lindsey Peacock shares her tips on tackling both scenarios.

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March #goals part 2: finding clients for your freelance business with AdWords – Account organization

In our last post, we covered how to find the right keywords on Google to generate leads for your business through AdWords. If you haven’t yet read that post and tried the exercise to test whether AdWords is a good channel for you, go do that first! If you did the exercise and found that […]

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March #goals part 1: finding clients for your freelance business with AdWords – Keyword research

Raymond Sam, Demand Generation Manager at Wave, tackles how to find clients using online marketing in our March four-part #goals series. This first post focuses on keyword research.

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How I learned a $6,000 lesson about freelance taxes

Filing your taxes improperly can be a costly mistake. Read how one freelancer miscalculated the amount she owed and what the effect was on her business. Plus, get valuable advice on how you can plan ahead and avoid the same problems.

5 easy ways to jumpstart your photographer presence online

This post by guest blogger Evgeny Tchebotarev appears as part of our series Small Business 500.

Accounting tips for photographers

Greg Benson, a photography blogger provides valuable accounting tips as part of his “Tips for Young Creatives” series.

What should you charge a client who wants to “go viral” with your images?

This article was originally written by Jim Pickerell for Black Star Rising. Reprinted here with permission, as part of Photographer’s Month.

James Cavanaugh recently posed this question to members of LinkedIn’s ASMP group: “A client wants you to create photographs that they can use on social sites so they can ‘go viral’ to promote their company. It means potentially countless people may use your copyrighted work. How would you approach such a request?”

How to start your photography business

If starting a photography business were easy, they’d package one free with every digital camera. So Allen Murabayashi, CEO of Photoshelter, shared his tips and advice on starting out in the photography industry in a recent webinar.