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The advantages of working somewhere other than your couch (and ideas to get you started)

One of the perks of being your own boss is you have the flexibility to choose where you work. That being said, working from home isn’t always effective. In this article we cover other places you can work and why they’ll help you be more successful.

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How to set your contractor up for success with a killer brief (and how to write one)

Looking for a simplified way to get you, your contractor and client on the same page? Here’s a guide to building a comprehensive brief that will set your contractor up for success.

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Building an onboarding process for your new employee or contractor

Hiring your first employee or contractor is a big milestone—you’re busy and successful enough to need help! Here’s a guide to building a seamless onboarding process that will set your new hire up for success.

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Freelancing: the dream vs. the reality

Dreaming of life as a freelancer working a few hours a day from a remote beach in Bali? It’s not impossible, but you’ll also need a lot of hard work, sacrifice and grit to get you there.

10 songs all freelancers can relate to

Sometimes music can be therapeutic, especially when the lyrics describe a situation you’ve been in yourself. We put together the ultimate playlist with songs every freelancer will find familiar.

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When is it time to take your side-hustle full-time?

How can you know when it’s the right time to quit your job and really go full force with your own business? We checked in with some experts for advice on how to prepare yourself to take the leap.

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Finding clients with AdWords part four: campaign optimization

Once your Google AdWords campaign is running, you’ll start getting an idea of what’s working and what’s not. Here are some tips of what changes you can make to really squeeze the last drop out of your dollar.

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Finding clients with AdWords part three: landing pages

In part 3 of our March #goals series, learn how to build a great landing page that will help turn those leads from your AdWords campaigns into real customers.

How to (actually) get paid for your work

One of the toughest challenges freelancers and service-based businesses face is getting paid on time—or even at all. Guest contributor Lindsey Peacock shares her tips on tackling both scenarios.