Pre-launch planning

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Registering your business

Registering your business can seem complicated, but with the right information it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This article covers what you need to do to get it done right.

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How to start a business: A complete playbook

Our how to start a business guide has easy-to-follow and practical information covering how to get inspired to start a business, finding the right idea, validating your idea, naming your business, writing a business plan, small business loans and registering your business.

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How to name your business

The name you choose for your small business can have a big impact on its success. This article covers some practical tips to help you choose a name that will make your business stand out and leave a great impression on your customers.

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Believe it or not: nine entrepreneurship myths debunked

We know that your buddy’s sister’s neighbour may have said something once that made you reconsider the start-up you’ve been dreaming about, but it’s time to separate fact from fiction. Here are nine myths about entrepreneurship that we want to help you forget.

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How to validate your big idea

So you think you’ve got a great idea for a business, but how can you be sure it’s truly the next big thing? This blog post will walk you through one of the most important steps you can take before you launch a new business—validating your idea.

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When is it time to take your side-hustle full-time?

How can you know when it’s the right time to quit your job and really go full force with your own business? We checked in with some experts for advice on how to prepare yourself to take the leap.

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How Half Banked’s Desirae Odjick juggles a full-time job and a successful side hustle

Personal finance writer and marketer Desirae Odjick shares her tips on growing your side hustle without burning out.

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From bored to boss: Four entrepreneurs share how they took the leap

Change: a word that can either excite you or terrify you depending on its context. When it comes to career changes, it’s probably a mixture of both. We recently spoke with four people about their experiences, and how making the switch transformed their lives.

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Five types of data you should gather when doing market research

Proper planning through market research has the power to take your small business to the next level. Guest blogger Natalie Preddie shares her insight for gathering the right data to get started.

Five signs your target market may not be a viable one

This post by guest blogger Jerome Downey appears as part of our series Small Business 500.

Five steps for every major initiative

This post by guest blogger Drew Dudley appears as part of our series Small Business 500.

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Five ways to start a business on passion

This post by guest blogger Evan Kosiner appears as part of our series Small Business 500.

Five reasons a dorm is the best place to start a business

This post by Khaled Hashem appears as part of our series Small Business 500.

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Five things to consider when naming your business

This post by guest blogger Charles Crosbie appears in our series Small Business 500. Entrepreneurs who are fresh out of the gate with their business idea frequently ask my firm for advice about their branding: their corporate identity, logo and, of course, what to call their new venture. Many of the considerations and concerns are universal, so here are a […]

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Five ways to be a disruptor in your industry

This post by guest blogger Bill Klump appears in our series Small Business 500.