Five simple ways to protect your digital marketing assets

Small businesses are especially vulnerable to attacks from hackers. This article has five simple ways to protect your online assets and keep your company safe.

illustration with a blue pattern and one red piece

How Wave’s risk team helps your business

Scams are a part of digital life for small businesses. Learn how Wave’s highly-skilled risk team can help you identify and prevent payment scams that can threaten your financial health.

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How to avoid small business payment scams

There’s an elephant in the room. Small businesses all over the world are getting scammed. It’s a Catch 22: people are too embarrassed that they got taken in by a scam to tell their stories; yet, the only way to spare others from becoming victims is to build awareness. But here’s the thing: scams targeting […]

Avoiding fishing scams

Phishing scams: Don’t get hooked

Wave has unfortunately become the target of a recent phishing campaign. Some of our customers have alerted us to a fraudster advertising a phone number online, claiming it belongs to Wave. The customers let us know that when they called the number, the person who answered the call requested a Teamviewer session in an attempt to gain control over their computer.

Cloudflare bug: Wave data not exposed

You may have read some news online: A major internet infrastructure provider called Cloudflare reported a bug, which exposed private data of some websites that use its services.

Important Alert: Payments scam targeting web designers and other small business owners

Here at Wave we take security very seriously. That’s why we wanted to let you know about a new scam targeting web designers and other merchants. The scam has nothing to do with Wave directly, but we thought it was worth sharing the information to help you avoid being caught.