Wave is focused on building tools for small businesses, so when someone from another space knocks on our door it surprises us! Last year a high school teacher got in contact with us, and opened our eyes to a new problem Wave had the opportunity to solve: high school accounting.

This blog is written by that high school teacher, Rickesh Kotecha. Rickesh is an innovator in the classroom, an educational maverick, the author of the Wave Teacher Resources! 

Using Wave in my grade 11 and 12 classrooms came about after years of frustration with the available accounting software. Most accounting programs were not compatible with our school's technology, ran off a network server or were too complex for students to navigate through. As a department, our options were limited. I felt that students deserved something that was applicable to the curriculum, easy to use, and most of all applicable in the real world for those who were likely to follow their entrepreneurial spirit.  

After a few months of intense research, I found Wave. Bringing Wave in to my classroom was a no-brainer: if it was used in the real world by small businesses, why couldn't my students gain the same exposure? What surprised me was the most was that it met all the requirements that I was looking for. The transition was very smooth. There was no need for any involvement from IT or administration (any teacher's dream). Oh, and the students love using cloud technology. 

When both teachers and students are involved in the process to bring innovative tools to the classroom, amazing things can happen. Tools that foster quickly evolving learning environments allow students to learn and engage in new and exciting ways! 

I've worked with Wave to create a resource package to help more teachers bring Wave in to their classrooms. Check it out! 

Wave Teacher Resources