In honor of small business week, I thought I would let everyone know about just one part of working at a small business that I love.  Disclaimer: it’s about to get cheesy.

One of the perks at working at a small business is that you don’t always have to take yourselves too seriously.  You get to do fun things with your team, and they actually help to make the team stronger.  With that in mind, on Monday we launched our very own Wave Accounting Mac and Cheese contest.

[caption id="attachment_5233" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="From left: Brian (QA) James (CPO), Mike (UX), Sara (Community), Christina (Administration)"]Wave Accounting's mac 'n cheese day[/caption]


The stakes were high: office bragging rights.  With that on the line, five contenders stepped up to the plate:

Brian Masson, QA: Brian takes competition pretty seriously.  The only competitor to use homemade noodles, Brian made his Mac with veggies, lots of cheese, and panko breadcrumbs.

Christina Ironstone, Office Administration: Christina brought her own personal twist to mac ‘n cheese, and opted to create a classic with a twist, adding mustard to her Mac.

James Lochrie, CPO: James meant business, and brought a Mac filled with two kinds of bacon, and lots of cheese (including brie!)

Michael Warkentin, UX: Michael opted to embrace the original, and delivered a classic Mac using Velveeta.

Sara Rosenfeld, Community: Sara, a die-hard mac ‘n cheese lover, made her Mac with two kinds of cheddar, cornflake breadcrumbs, and caramelized onions.



It was an intense day of competition, but once the votes were tallied, it was Brian’s Winning Mac and Cheese that took home the prize!

Have any stories about the fun adventures you have at your small business? I’d love to see the pictures and hear all about them!