Wave customers asked us for a simple way to see which transactions need attention and which don't. So we've created the Verify feature.

Next to each transaction is a checkmark. Once you've categorized a transaction, and added any optional info like vendor or sales tax, click the checkmark to Verify.

Verify accounting transactions in Wave

The default view of your transactions shows you only those that are unverified — i.e., only the transactions that need your attention. When your unverified transactions reach 0, you'll know at a glance that your work is done! 

"I have thousands of transactions already! You don't expect me to verify all of them, do you?"

If you're a long-time Wave user with lots of transactions, don't worry. Check the box in the header row (next to the "Date" label). That selects all the transactions on your screen. If you have more than one screen's worth of transactions, the words "Select all transactions matching this filter" will appear. Click that link, and all the indicated transactions will be selected. These can be verified all at once, by clicking the Verify button.

If you know all your transactions before a certain date are complete and totally under control, here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • adjust the filters at the top of your Transactions list, so that you're selecting everything before a given date
  • check the box next to "Date", to select all the filtered transactions on this screen
  • click the "Select all transactions matching this filter" message that appears, to select all filtered transactions
  • click the Verify button up near the top right corner of the screen

All your old transactions will be verified, and you're good to go. 

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