Here at Wave, we do what we can to make running your business easier. Usually, we do that by creating affordable and easy-to-use applications like Wave Accounting and Wave Payroll that take care of the back-end tasks so you can focus on your passion.

But sometimes, what you need the most help with is connecting with the right people. So, we found a way to do just that. And today, we're excited to unveil our newest tool — Wave's Community Space. Our community is a great place to connect with entrepreneurs, financial professionals, and other Wave users.


What you'll find

Do you want to request a new feature in Wave? See what other people are requesting? Do you have a question for an accountant, or just want to talk business with other small business owners? The Wave Community Space is designed for all that and more.

In our Feature Requests space, you can vote up other features by liking them. Let us know why they're important, or any other details, by adding a comment. Don't see the feature you want? Just click Suggest an idea to put another feature on the board.

Have a question you'll need accounting expertise for, or maybe you have some accounting expertise to share? Post in the Let's talk accounting space, where you can ask about jurisdictional taxes, deductions, and more.

Want to ask other Wave users a question about Wave? The Let's talk Wave space is the place to be! 

Looking for a place to chat with other small business owners, about anything and everything related to running a business? Whether you want advice on how to start, or you're a serial entrepreneur looking to bounce your next big idea around, the Let's talk business space is there for you.

What do you think of the new Wave Community? Let us know below, or join the discussion in Wave's Community Space.

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