Wave Customer Profile: Mark and Julie Baese

Mark and Julie Baese

If you think it’s hard running a small business, try running three.

Between them, Mark and Julie Baese run a content marketing agency, offer a freelance design service and are landlords for the rental property they own.

Mark’s focus is on Baese, a small business marketing agency in Kelowna, British Columbia. Meanwhile, Julie offers graphic design and user experience design services on a freelance basis.

Before using Wave, Mark and Julie relied on checks to get paid.

“It was a nightmare,” says Mark. “The check would come in, and it would have the wrong name on it so I couldn’t cash it. I had to go back and get a different check. There’s all these little things that happen.”

They also found it was inconvenient for their customers. “They get the bill,” says Mark, “but then they have to remember to write the check. They put it in the pile with all their other bills, and then you’ve got to wait for the mail system to bring it to you, and that can take 30-45 days. If there’s an error, you’ve got to go back and do the whole thing over again. It just takes forever to get paid.”

Using Wave to send invoices, and being able to accept credit card payments, puts money in their pockets faster. “I find when I send [a credit-card enabled invoice] via email, people will pay in the first day or two, or the first week or two,” Mark says.

Julie and Mark found Wave on the recommendation of a friend.

“All I was looking for was something that would help me get organized,” says Mark. “I looked at some of the other accounting platforms, but they cost money, and I didn’t know what I was going to need or how it was going to work.”

“Looking at the interface that Wave offered, it seemed really simple,” he continues. “I remember looking at Wave and thinking ‘Woah, that makes sense.’”

The duo also owns a rental property in the Kelowna area, and have found they can use Wave in that business, too.

“Most tenants nowadays are giving rent by e-transfer,” Mark explains. “I have Wave attached to my bank account, so when they make a payment it just pops up on my personal Wave account. I just transfer it over to the rental property, so I know I’ve got rent that month.”

“Every time we take the next step with Wave, it gets a little bit easier for us,” Mark says.