This past weekend, the cast and crew here at Wave took to the Rogers Centre to root for the home team. Why did Wave employees go watch a Blue Jays game together? Saturday was our first Family Day: a chance for Wave employees to kick back with co-workers, family and friends. The day provided a perfect opportunity for all of us to gather and enjoy each other’s company, cement friendships, and embrace new arrivals to the team. 

The Wavers (that’s us!) brought passion and witty cheers to the game but most importantly, we brought the Wave. We started the Wave several times, with varying degrees of success, and did our part to ignite the fans. Our Blue Jays were fueled by the frenzied crowd and managed to snag a thrilling victory in extra innings. All in a day’s work! But we couldn’t have done it without our own cheering fans: YOU! We’re driven by you, and all of other the small business owners around the world who love Wave. Not to mention all of your brilliant suggestions. So get in touch with us and tell us why you love Wave or about any features your small business is dying to have!