We came across Warren Cassell Jr, a Caribbean-based entrepreneur who uses Wave on a day-to-day basis to manage his company’s finances. Warren is only fourteen years old. Only, he isn’t running a small lemonade stand; Warren is serving clients from Europe, North America and even Asia.

The teenage entrepreneur and published author always had an interest in business. His mother encouraged him to start a greeting card company after taking early notice of his artistic talent. So, at the age of eight, he launched Emerald Greeting Cards, which soon became Montserrat’s number one destination for cards for all occasions.

It’s only been five years since Warren launched his card company. Now, the tenth grade student holds shares in a commercial bank and has built up a business portfolio ranging from publishing to technology. He currently manages Chupz.co, a premium web hosting company for the West Indies. 

When we asked what motivated Warren he responded, “Many people believe that DNA holds the keys to success. I strongly disagree. I believe vision and determination open the doors to success and I want to be the living proof of that fact.” He continued, “I see no real difference between younger and older businesspeople and I firmly believe that age is just a number; no one is too young to make a difference in the world and it is never too early to start gaining experience. I understand that time is of the essence, I know what I want and anything that comes my way is either a learning experience or an opportunity.”

Warren is an inspiration to people of every age who want to pursue and live the life of their dreams. We at Wave wish him all the best in his current ventures and future endeavors.