Great news! You can now use Zapier (rhymes with "happier") to connect Wave with potentially hundreds of different applications, and automate your workflows. (See the guest blog post from Zapier's Alison Groves.)

Here's how it works:

Think of Zapier as a connector between Wave and applications like Gmail, MailChimp, Slack, SurveyMonkey and more.

That connection between app A and app B: That's called a zap. And zaps make it easy for non-technical people (like me!) to connect services without having to know anything about APIs.

You get started with a free Zapier account. Then, from inside Zapier, you use a zap to connect the applications. You can choose from a bunch of pre-made zaps, or you can build a zap from scratch, using the available applications.

A zap is an "if this, then that" type of a formula: IF something happens in app A (this is called a trigger), THEN do something in app B (this is called an action).

In Wave, the available triggers (i.e., IF statements) are:

  • creating an invoice
  • creating a customer

Available actions (i.e., THEN statements) in Wave are:

  • creating a customer

What can you do with this?
If you start with Wave, you can create zaps like: If you create a customer in Wave, then add that customer to a mailing list in MailChimp.
Going the other way, you could create a zap like: If you add a subscriber in MailChimp, create a customer in Wave using that information.

You can create a wide range of zaps to automate your workflows, and make every day a little more efficient.