Congrats to our Wave Pro of the Week, Dave Greene at Edge Systems Info Ltd.  We’re proud to mention Dave as a key player on the Wave team. Thanks for all that you do to improve our products and assist our users.

Dave is an accounting systems advisor, IT consultant, and software trainer who specializes in finding solutions for his clients’ business needs.

In his current role as the I.T. Manager and Corporate Trainer for Edge Info Systems Limited, he has been implementing technology and training clients on applications for business and financial management throughout Newfoundland & Labrador. 

Dave’s tip of the week: Digitize your data

Use “Receipts by Wave” to capture & store your receipts: Though the total amount paid will appear as a line item on your bank / credit card statement, Tax Authorities DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT these amounts as tax included totals. Be sure to have a digital copy of the receipt with the Name, Date, Purchase Price and Tax Amount visible for review by your Bookkeeper, Accountant or Tax Auditor.

Download your Bank / Credit Card statements: Most financial institution make these documents available in PDF format but the number of months available varies by organization – from 6 to 36 months. Be sure to download and save these files as they become available. 

Photograph and convert business cards into Contact Info: Apps like “Camcard” for IOS and “Business Card Reader” for Android, capture the data from business cards and add it to your Contacts. You can then add comments, when / where you met, what was discussed and any potential lead info to build your network and avail of future prospects!

Back everything up to the cloud: Hardware fails, is lost or can be stolen, be sure to backup all your important data! Services like KineticD (in Canada) and Carbonite (USA) are examples of cloud backup providers with inexpensive, auto-backup solutions for all of your digital data.