Congratulations to our Wave Pro of the Week, Rob Cosman at Jones and Cosman Chartered Professional Accountants. Rob values having a personal relationship with his clients and focuses on growing your business so he can do more than just help you report your numbers.  Jones and Cosman offers services including personal tax returns, corporate tax returns and full monthly accounting.  They also provide sound advice on operations, sales, internet marketing and all other operational aspects. Check out his profile!

Rob's tip for small business owners:  

Spend small amounts of money and test your advertising.  If you’re looking to try a new method of advertising, test it out first with a small spend to see what the results are.  If it works then you know it makes sense to do more and scale it up.  If it didn’t work you only risked a small amount of money and you have more to try something different. For example, try putting up a poster of your services or product in one area for $200.  If you generate leads and/or clients you know to expand to other areas and perhaps other avenues such as print or tv ads.