As a small business owner, you’re responsible for bringing in the money. Wave provides you with the tools to track and manage your money but what is the last step? The last step is to report these findings! At Wave, we want to encourage entrepreneurs to maintain the passion that motivated them to start their business in the first place and to continue to focus on doing what they love by facilitating the tracking and reporting of funds…but we can’t do this without the professionals who help complete the final reporting stages of the annual business lifecycle. 

It’s important for us to recognize our Pros who have joined our team to liberate small business owners and who help to shape the future of Wave’s products, like Will Lopez!

Cheers to Will Lopez at TropezCPA for showing innovation and passion towards helping out Wave small business owners. It wasn’t until we met Will in person that we realized how much of a positive influence he was having on our users.

Will's Business Tip: Hello fellow Wave user! The world is spinning fast, but is your business keeping up? In today’s global economy staying competitive means being aggressive and creative with the right resources. That is why we are both riding the Wave! And that is why more and more entrepreneurs are selling products and providing innovative services to anyone in the world from just about anywhere in the world. All-the-while those same entrepreneurs run their business operations in ‘real time’ and ‘virtually’ anywhere through awesome online platforms like Wave.

Connecting with a Wave Pro is just as crucial! A Wave Pro, or a cloud-based CPA advisor, is not some ‘tax guy’ to be Skype'd with once a year, but essentially a business partner seeking to help entrepreneurs (1) tailor tax strategies specific to their business especially in today’s complex puzzle of laws and regulations, (2) maneuver effectively to avoid common setbacks thereby having the upper-hand, and (3) provide the latest cloud-technology platforms to give the entrepreneur ‘real-time’ analysis and constructive business feedback. In fact, perhaps no other business relationship has such potential to pay off than one with a modern day, online CPA advisor.

Ultimately at, we provide tailored business clarity, communicate those essential business concepts and connect the relationship using the latest cloud-technology. Thereby, helping you, the Entrepreneur, rediscover the freedom of focusing on the essence of your business; your end-product and your customer.

~ Will Lopez, Your Business Partner at