The end of the year is now in sight, so timing couldn’t be better to introduce you to 3 of our best Wave Pros who offer valuable services for Wave users. These Pros work with small business owners all over the US and are experts at working remotely with screen sharing and online collaboration tools.

It can be challenging getting your accounting set up just right, categorizing your transactions on a regular basis and collaborating with an accountant during tax time – these Pros have what it takes to guide you towards a process that works. Get in touch with them for a free consultation so you can learn about the awesome services they offer to Wave users.

Meet Fabian Soto

TaxApro Accounting Firm Miami, FL

Fabian’s business specializes in accounting, payroll and tax services to small international firms. They do everything online (e-file, e-sign, cloud accounting). Wave is so appreciative that TaxApro offers a 20% discount to Wave users looking for tax services or year-end help. No more data entry, no more paper clutter, no more shoeboxes of receipts! You can check out their website through their Wave Pro profile!

Meet James Krener

Krener Bookkeeping and Tax Mascoutah, IL

James is a professional you definitely want to have on your radar – he has a branch of services built especially for small business owners. He knows how to get creative with solutions for your business and piece together the right platform based on your business needs. You can sign up for a free consultation on his page dedicated to Wave users: Easy Accounting for Solopreneurs. Don’t wait to get in touch! James adds value to every business he works with and he really makes accounting fun.

Meet Will Lopez

Advisorfi Boynton Beach, FL

Will has been with Wave since day one. He gets the cloud and can help you make sense of your business numbers. Will built Advisorfi from the ground up with the goal to make a difference. Not only is he extremely generous when he helps small business owners but he also gives 5% of every $1 he makes to charities that help transform lives: We’re Giving Back. On top of this incredible initiative, he is an expert app consultant and accountant who loves working with Wave users – whether it’s monthly planning or tax-prep that you need, he can provide you with an exclusive and discounted package if you’re working with Wave! Click here to get started on the exclusive and discounted tax deals for 2014.