If you've signed into Wave lately, you may have noticed an update or two in the application. Our charts are clearer, our images crisper, and some new colors have been added to make sure all the right things pop.

new SMB accounting

Vanity? Of course not! We've done it in the name of ease. Of simplicity. Of making life even easier for you, the small business owner. The way we see it, accounting shouldn't be scary, hard or ugly. 

Our charts are now larger and easier to read, we've drawn a bit more attention to information you'll need to know (like the invoices payable to you, and bills you owe), and made sure you'll see what you need to know, fast and up front. 

This is an ongoing process. We're constantly listening to you to find out what makes your life easier, and what makes Wave better. In particular, you can expect a bunch more improvements and additions over the next several weeks, all in the aim of making wave easier to use.

We'd love to hear, do you like our new look? Let us know what you think in the comments below!