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Content marketing reporting: Key metrics to examine

Content marketing is a great way to engage with yours customers and leads. But how do you know what success looks like? Track these key metrics to make sure you’re investing in the right creative content.

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2019 trends business owners should pay attention to

Regardless of your industry, there are some key trends and predictions from experts that will shape businesses in 2019. Read about the top four that are industry-agnostic, covering such topics as customer experience to remote employees.

Chloe Ellick and Greg Caskie

Wave Spotlight: Chloe Ellick & Greg Caskie

Meet Chloe and Greg: two leaders on our payroll operations team. They’re changing the world, one entrepreneur at a time.

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Should you hire a bookkeeper or do it yourself?

Spending time yourself or spending money on an expert—see which makes most sense for your business with these points to consider.

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Small business lending: The pros and cons of loans

How do you know if a small business loan is right for you? Make sure you know the advantages and drawbacks before you make an informed decision about funding your business.

Andrew Ratcliff and his dog

Wave Spotlight: Andrew Ratcliff

This is Andrew and Vevey. Andrew is our Senior Director, Finance. He loves helping entrepreneurs succeed, and doing yoga at the office.

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Are you planning your business financial goals the right way?

Success is rarely a straight line in business. These best practices can help you face each challenge with the long-term in mind.

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What you need to get a small business loan

Loans aren’t just for when you’re starting a new business—they can also be a great option for expanding your operations or to fix cash flow issues.

Odile VanDerZaag

Wave Spotlight: Meet Odile VanDerZaag

Meet Odile, our Talent Acquisition Manager. She’s helping bring bright minds to Wave, and loves meeting new people.

Angie Dobbs

Wave Spotlight: Meet Angie Dobbs

This is Angie. Her alter ego is Batman, and she leads our risk team in fighting fraud, and keeping businesses safe.