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The nine best books and podcasts for customer service inspiration

Most businesses today want to put their customers’ needs first and build strong relationships. Learn how to give your customers the best experience every time with actionable insights from these great resources.

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I got audited and lived to tell the tale

Audits are scary, right? They don’t have to be when you’re prepared. Read the story of a real Wave customer and get advice on what to do if the dreaded audit happens to you.

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Six ways to keep a healthy work-life balance

People talk a lot about work-life balance, but what does that mean when you’re a small business owner? We’ve got six tips you can follow to become more efficient with your time, and help you feel more balanced across all of your priorities.

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10 mistakes writers make on social media

Cultivating a strong social media presence has a lot of value for freelance writers, from sourcing new clients to showcasing work to engaging with other writers. This article shares tips on how to use these channels to your advantage as a freelancer, and some common mistakes to avoid.

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Three ways great employee benefits boost your business

Whether you’re looking to implement health insurance, paid time off, or workplace perks, it’s important you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. The first question you might ask yourself is—how valuable will employee benefits be to my small business? Here are three reasons the answer to that question is “very.”

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Five ways to ignite your creativity (without spending money)

For most people, creative inspiration comes from travelling, a great concert, a business conference—things that usually cost a pretty penny. In case none of those things were part of your business budget this month, here are five ways you can arouse your creativity without pulling out your credit card.

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How Wave’s risk team helps your business

Scams are a part of digital life for small businesses. Learn how Wave’s highly-skilled risk team can help you identify and prevent payment scams that can threaten your financial health.

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Five tips to get your books under control fast

Our latest update to Wave’s accounting features makes it even easier to build proper bookkeeping into your routine. Lower your stress, build your confidence, and set yourself up for tax time with these five tips.

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The ultimate small business summer reading (and listening!) guide

Want to make the most of that summer downtime? Look no further than this list of great small business books and podcasts that will help you boost productivity, build skills, and get inspired for the next stage in your business journey.

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The new marketing and what it means for your business

Technology is changing how customers behave and what they expect from companies. Follow these tips to make sure you’re not driving customers away with outdated tactics.