Celebrating innovation (and a win!)

Wave wins Fintech Award

It’s hard to avoid reminiscing: Back in 2010 when Wave launched, not only were we just the seed of the company we would become, but the Canadian startup and tech scene was only a fragment of what it is today.

The ceremony for the first award Wave ever received was at a dingy bar just outside the edge of Toronto’s club district. We were proud to be there, and honored to win, but it felt (for good and bad) like an underground movement.

Fast-forward to last night: Techvibes put on the Canadian Innovation Awards, and held a full gala at the Royal Ontario Museum, packed with tech talent, policy makers, VCs and investors, and other blue-chip backers. How far we’ve all come! How wonderful to see the entire industry grow and mature; so many killer innovations, and so many more to come.

Wave Team accepting award

And the icing on the cake: Another award for the Wave trophy case, taking home the prize for innovation in Financial Services. A small group of Wave all-stars celebrated into the night: Angie (Payments), Charlotte (Wave Community), Ideshini (Product), Lalitha (Payroll), Mani (Product), Mitra (Product), Sabrina (Project Management), Wave co-founder James, and me (Communications and Partnerships).

Our congratulations to all the winners and nominees.

This award joins several other trophies and best-of lists that the Wave team has earned in the past year or so, including:

  • Deloitte Fast 50 and Fast 500
  • KPMG Fintech 100
  • Trust Radius Top Rated
  • CB Insights Fintech 250
  • PC Mag Editor’s Choice award
  • Comparably awards for Best Company Culture, Best CEO, Best Teams (Engineering; Operations), Best Company Leadership, Best Company Managers, Best eNPS, and Best Company Outlook
  • Great Place to Work award (in several categories: Technology; Inclusion; and for Millennials)
  • Globe & Mail Employee Recommended Workplace
  • Startup Canada (Ontario) Global Entrepreneurship Award
  • Fintech Breakthrough Award
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By Rob Maurin

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