Get crucial Wave data and more on RBC’s MyBusiness Dashboard

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This post is for Canadian Wave customers where we’ve partnered with RBC. 

A few months ago, we announced a partnership between Wave and RBC, where RBC clients can access Wave right from their online business banking page.  More recently, Wave also joined RBC’s MyBusiness Dashboard as a featured app partner within their data dashboard and app marketplace.

MyBusiness Dashboard is a tool that brings together key metrics from critical online software into a single view, to help owners make faster and better decisions to manage and grow their businesses. This first-of-its-kind offering in the Canadian marketplace is free to any small business owner in Canada.

Within MyBusiness Dashboard, you can choose to connect to a suite of powerful widgets, including Wave, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Shopify and many more. You’ll get all your mission-critical business information in a single place, without having to log into a half-dozen different systems to see what’s going on.

Once you’ve signed into your MyBusiness Dashboard account and connected Wave, you’ll get insights such as:

  • Sales by day: Displays total sales dollars this week vs last week, and how sales for the current day are tracking
  • Top selling products: Displays a snapshot of the best-selling products in the last 7 days, including sales units and revenue dollars.

and more to come.

Viewing these insights alongside a wealth of additional business data (i.e. marketing, people management, inventory, productivity) can give you a full 360-degree view into your business, so you can make better decisions more easily than ever.

There’s no charge for MyBusiness Dashboard, and the service is available to all Canadian business owners. Learn more at

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By Rob Maurin

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