One of the great things about Invoicing by Wave is that we work hard to let you represent your business, your way!

That means that when you're invoicing your customer, you can make sure it reflects your business just the way you want it to.

Customizing your Invoice

Before you get started, you can select Invoice Customization from the drop-down on the gear icon you'll see towards the right side of your screen. 


This will take you to the invoice customization screen. From here, choose between our three invoice templates - Contemporary, Original or Standard. What's really exciting about these three templates is that regardless of which one you choose, your invoices will look great on any device - so whether your customer opens them on a computer, tablet, or phone, they'll always look clear, crisp, and easy to navigate!

Next, you can add your company logo (don't forget to select "Display logo" if you'd like it to show on invoices you create), and an accent color that reflects your business!

Then, select whether you sell a product, a service, or both. 

Finally, add any standard memos or payment terms you'd like to appear on your invoices by default. Don't worry - you can always update these on any individual invoice.

Now, when you invoice your customers, it'll always reflect your business, your way!